We have performed over 3000 ceremonies!

Here is a Proven “Non Religious” Format.

About 20-30 minutes in length. Depending on the kiss! (wink wink)

Any religious, spiritual or cultural content is added only at your request.

It’s your day. It’s up to to you!

Remember, not only should your Ceremony look good, it should feel good.

Meaningful and Memorable! “Friendly, romantic and Fun”

Think of it in three simple steps



The entrance of the Bridal party.

“All Rise” as the Bride enters.


It is important to welcome everyone on your behalf. To acknowledge your

family and friends. To let them know how grateful you are for their presence.

To make them feel part of the ceremony!

Presentation of the Bride  (optional)

Who presents this woman to be married to “her” man?

The father/presenter responds “I do”


Opening Comments

About 8 - 10 minutes in length, just a few simple thoughts on "Love and Friendship"

or some words/elements to honor your story, any family, faith or ethnic values you may share.

You're welcome to select a short "reading/writing" for us, or a friend/family member to read.

Sample readings

Declaration of Intent

“ Do you stand here now to give yourselves to each other in marriage?”

You respond “We Do”

The Vows

The centre piece of the Ceremony. This is why we/you are here.

We encourage you to pick/write them. We want you to be comfortable with the Vows, to make them yours

The Rings

“Do you give this ring as a symbol of your love?”

Groom “I do” The Bride “I Do”

Followed by the simple ring vow.

EG “With this ring...I now marry you!”

The Kiss

I pronounce you Husband and Wife … you kiss!

Practice! Practice! Practice!


Signing the Registry

Three documents (the license, the registry and a Wedding certificate) to be signed by the Bride and Groom and two witnesses. Be sure to have some music playing, relax and   “Smile…it’s a photo-op”

Click here for Marriage License info

Closing Comments

We thank the guests again for being there, inform them of what is happening next, introduce your Master of Ceremonies, make any special announcements and then present you as “Mr and Mrs…”

The Recessional

Bride and Groom exit with Bridal Party and parents following.

Choose a fun song to exit to!

(Brents favorite - The Theme from Rocky)

Our Suggestion

Let’s keep it simple and make it fun. No matter how hard you try to ‘make it perfect’ there are certain unpredictable events that will happen.

That’s what makes life fantastic and interesting so relax,  keep it simple and remember…

“The more fun you have, the more fun your guests will have!”

A Wedding Ceremony is about “moments” that are memorable! Be in the moment...

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"Thanks for making our wedding VERY special.  Lots of our relatives and friends are still talking about you.   You really are good at putting people at ease!”

It was wonderful. Your calm easy going style, your professional manner really impressed everyone! “


Tracy married all three of these couples

checkout the shoes!